- Monday, January 10, 2011


once you feel like there is no hope for you
its zero hope

you feel like the world is supporting you no more
you are alone
with loads of problems and tension

you dont know what to do
whether to give up
or to go on with your life
and of course, give up mean you are lost
total disaster

then, somebody(you dont really remember)
told you to be strong
and take your first step against all the problems
then you will see
a whole beautiful new world is waiting for you
behind the problem

the key is,
just take your first step bravely
pushing the loads covering your pathway
then its really there

for the Lord say in the Holy Quran
inna maal usri yusra
sesungguhnya bersama kesusahan itu ada kesenangan
(direct translation)
any correction contact me

well He say it as together

nukilan JebatBukanPenderhaka dengan izin Tuhannya


  1. wah wah wah...
    dah biru mata aku baca poem ko nih...
    rmbut pun da blonde siket...

    weh, aku dah tahu apa itu kak kelen!


  2. menishron> rambut jadi blonde?dah tua kot..
    pasal kuajo tu aku xleh ckp kt
    fatin> yaah..ada betul gak kaan..